product description
main functions:
1. output short circuit protection function;2. battery backconnection protection function;3. no-load output zero voltage, safe and reliable;
4. battery power display;5. whole-process pulse charging;6. high charging efficiency, more energy saving;
7. the new charging control mode, with multiple protection functions, ensures that the battery is fully charged and not inflated;
8. charger out-of-control protection function to prevent battery charging;9. power on soft qigong energy to avoid impact damage;
10. built-in temperature protection function to avoid high temperature damage;11. charging temperature compensation function in different seasons;
12. the battery repair function can effectively repair the damaged battery caused by vulcanization, polarization and other reasons, and extend the service life of the battery;
1. working status indicator:a.
b. the red light flashes during charging, and the number of flashes increases with the increase of battery power:
red light flashes once: power <25%;
red light flashes 2 times: 25%s power < 50% red light flashes 3 times: 50%s power <75%;red light flashes 4 times: 75%s power < 100%;the green light is always on, and the power =100% of the battery is fully charged.
2. insert the battery end plug before the power plug when using;unplug the power plug before unplug the battery end when disusing;
please unplug the power when not in use for a long time;
3. this product must be specially used by special vehicles and cannot be transferred for cross-use to avoid damage.
4. this product has no output at no load and conforms to the national low-voltage output safety standard. when the battery is connected, it can be charged normally.5. avoid severe vibration when using and carrying this product;
6. this product is strictly protected from moisture, liquid and dust. if any liquid enters, please stop using it immediately.7. this product should be kept away from explosive gas when it is used.
this product is heat produced when working, should ensure its surrounding environment is well ventilated, cannot be covered by articles, cannot be put on the surface of sofa or other inflammable goods to use
9. there is high pressure in this product. non-professionals should not open it by themselves to avoid electric shock or malfunction.
10. when using, if the battery is found to be overheated, indicating that the battery has been overcharged, the power should be removed immediately and the battery should be stopped to avoid damaging the battery;11. this product is cooled by a fan. when charging, it must observe whether the fan turns. if the fan does not turn, it should be stopped immediately.
contact the local distributor or manufacturer directly.
due to the fan, it is normal for the product to work with a certain noise (i.e. the sound of air flow generated when the housing leaf rotates).12. this product should be placed out of reach of children to avoid injury;
13. this product is for vehicle use. before use, the manufacturer or professional personnel should be consulted to ensure that it meets the technical requirements of the whole vehicle factory.
14. if the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a person designated by the manufacturer as a maintenance department or a professional qualification to avoid risks;
15. please read the manual carefully before use. if there is any abnormality in the use process, please stop using it immediately.
common faults:
failure phenomenon: when used normally, the red light is not on (or only on the green light).
1. the output fuse in the fitting diagram is broken, resulting in no output voltage.this phenomenon is often caused by the mismatch between the positive and negative polarity of the charged battery and the adapter.
2. the output line of the adapter may break
3. the charging socket on the battery box is not connected to the battery line or the adapter output plug is not in good contact with the socket. it may also be the opening of the battery pack connection line or the fuse in the box is broken.
4. severe sulfuric acid salinization of the battery plate can't be charged due to the failure of the battery pack itself
5. the red luminescent tube of the adapter is damaged.
fault phenomenon: short charging time
1. the capacity of the battery pack decreases and its performance deteriorates. 2. the capacity of a certain battery in the battery pack is significantly reduced and the voltage is too high.
3. the battery pack is not fully used and has a large amount of power.
failure phenomenon: unable to turn normally when using normally (i.e. red light cannot turn green light)
1. there is a fault in the battery pack itself. if the battery pack is out of order, the voltage of the battery pack is too low.when charging, the battery temperature rises abnormally and cannot turn.
2. after a certain period of use, due to serious water loss within the battery, the battery cannot normally rotate due to increased current at the end of the battery, abnormal heat of the battery, and even the battery may be filled up.
3. the environment temperature is too high when charging, which makes the leakage current in the battery pack increase, and the terminal current cannot be reduced, which will also lead to abnormal rotation.
4. individual cases may also be caused by functional failure of the adapter.for example, due to severe vibration, the adapter's control loop will have bad contact or open circuit, resulting in a voltage out of control, so that the battery is overcharged, unable to turn.
fault phenomenon: indicator light is not on.
adapter damaged or indicator lamp damaged.
friendly tips:
1. the charger must be specially used for the car, and the battery " " and "-" polarity must be consistent with the charger, otherwise the charger will be damaged.
2. after 10 hours of charging, the charger will not turn the green light at the red light, and turn the green light when unplugged. then the charger will be normal. please check the battery or other parts of the vehicle.
after-sales service
1. this charger shall, in accordance with national regulations, implement the policy of "three guarantees" for after-sales service.
the charger belongs to the company's own quality problem, within two months replacement, one year warranty.
2. under normal use condition, the charger shall be guaranteed for one year. 3. the charger caused by the following circumstances is damaged, not included in the "three packs";
a. it is directly placed in the trunk of the electric vehicle and other vehicles are damaged due to shock;
b. artificial flooding of water;c. violent impact damage;
d. privately modify and change any lines and labels;
e. loan to others for use or damage;
4. when users make after-sales service requirements, they need to provide warranty card at the same time.
the warranty card should not be altered or blurred.
5. if the warranty card does not specify the date of purchase, it shall be 15 months from the date of delivery of the product as the base date
is the warranty period, after which the warranty automatically expires.

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